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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Preventing Summer Storm Damage

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When summer is approaching, homeowners should take several precautions to make certain their house's exterior is equipped to withstand the threat of severe summer storms. Georgia has seen its fair share of severe weather, thunderstorms, tornadoes and even hurricanes. These can potentially cost residents thousands of dollars in damages. Heavy winds and forceful hail can especially wreak havoc on the home's roof. Luckily, there are some quick preventative measures that homeowners can take to protect a roof from damage risks throughout the season.

First, homeowners should contact a reliable Atlanta roofing contractor to conduct a full roof inspection every spring. The roofer will take the time to carefully look for physical damage, drainage problems, granular loss, punctures, cracks, blisters, curled shingles, water leaks and other warning signs of structural deformation. It's essential that homeowners regularly have their roof inspected by a trained professional to ensure it's in top form for battling strong storms.

Having a manicured landscape does more than simply add aesthetic appeal; it also improves the roof's ability to stay undamaged in a storm. Homeowners should make sure that any tree branches or limbs hanging near the roof are properly trimmed. Removing dead trees on the property can also be helpful for preventing falling limbs and roof collapses.

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When there's doubt on a tree's vitality, homeowners can consult with an arborist and have any trees with bare top branches or root problems cut down.

Another important step for preventing roof damage is to clear any debris, such as leaves, twigs and pine needles, from gutters. Dirty gutters can easily clog, causing rain to pool and damage the roof, attic or siding. Therefore, it's wise for homeowners to give their gutters a deep clean by scooping out debris and flushing the metal tube with a hose. Calling in a roofing expert for a gutter assessment is also advisable to check the gutters, gutter spikes and rivets for damage. Homeowners should also make sure the gutters are completely secured to the home and that there are no damaged fasteners.

Once a storm passes, homeowners should assess their roof safely from the ground to check for torn shingles, dented gutters, clogged roof vents and cracked roof windows. Look for signs of water seepage in the attic or upper ceilings too. If there's reason to worry, quickly call a roofing contractor to perform an inspection and replace any damaged parts before another storm can hit.

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