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Metal roofing has made a comeback in recent years because homeowners are discovering that metal is hard to beat in regards to durability. The origins of metal roofing can be traced back to the old tin roofs of yesteryear that were widely used on homes and barns. However, today's selection is much broader. Those who want the durability of a metal roof but like the appearance of something else can seek the help of an Atlanta roofing specialist for advice on available choices.

Vertical panels are metal sheets that have evenly spaced ridges that run the length of the panels. Like the old tin roofs, the panels are installed so that the ridges run up and down the slope to help channel the water. Unlike traditional metal roofs that all looked the same, more attractive choices are available today. The ridges are usually closer together than in the past and are shaped to enhance the styling of the home. They are also available in nearly any color the homeowner wants so that the roof can be individualized and blend in better with the overall styling.

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Surfaces of this type are often referred to as "standing seam" roofs because the ridges function as raised interlocking seams. Standing seam roofing materials typically accommodate concealed fasteners. In addition to improving the roof's appearance, concealed fasteners do not require the rubber washers that can go bad and lead to leaks.

Metal shingles are available for those who want the functionality and durability of a metal roof but like the distinctive appearance of slate. Homeowners who feel that slate's appearance matches up well with their house's overall flavor can opt for these types of metal shingles as an alternate to the expense or brittleness of genuine slate. Like slate, regular tile roofs can be quite heavy, and the tiles are subject to breakage. Metal tile roofs are popular alternatives for families who like the curvature of standard tiles but want to stay away from the potential maintenance issues they can create.

Homeowners with a nostalgic taste who like the looks of wooden shakes can consider a metal shake roof. Like slate and tile roofs, metal shakes provide the appearance without the hassle. They are popular for homes on which the siding has a natural wood like appearance and are often chosen for houses that are constructed in or adjacent to wooded areas. This creates a sense of harmony with the surrounding landscape.

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