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Mediterranean roofing tiles are some of the hardiest building materials available. When archaeologists excavate cities in Greece, Egypt and Italy, the bulk of what they find is roofing tiles from ancient homes that date back as far as 4,000 years ago. These tiles are still made today by craftsman around the world, and their influence has spread from the Mediterranean coastlines to the beaches of Ireland. These tiles are also found in many areas of the United States. Popular and aesthetically pleasing in warm climates, Atlanta roofing companies can install clay roof tiles on homes to give them a more Mediterranean feel. These fired clay tiles will not fade over time and will remain vibrant throughout their life.

There are several advantages to installing Mediterranean roof tiles on a home. They are very attractive and provide a lot of curb appeal for homes. They are also very durable and can last several decades. These tiles may be made of clay, terracotta or ceramic, and all three of these materials can withstand years of heat and weather as long as they have been produced by quality manufacturers.

The installation of these tiles often makes them more expensive than other roofing products. Installing them correctly requires a lot of skill, and it's challenging to make them look as they should and provide protection for the home.

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These tiles can also weigh substantially more than shingles or other roofing materials which means that it takes longer to transport, carry and fit these tiles onto a roof. This weight is important to consider before choosing a tile roof because it must be established that the existing or newly built structure can support the weight of the heavy clay tiles.

The red color of the clay roof tiles are ideal for warm climates because, unlike dark color roofs, these tiles reflect the sun and heat away from the house rather than absorbing It. Terracotta roofs may stay up to 70 degrees cooler than a dark colored roof, which may translate into lower energy costs during the summers. For homeowners who are conscious about the environment, these tiles are a good option because they will they potentially lower energy costs. These tiles can also be purchased recycled, and their clay material does not reflect negatively on the environment.

Mediterranean style roof tiles are a classic style in Europe and provide a unique and beautiful roofing surface in the New World. Specially suited for warmer climates, they provide unfading beauty for many years.

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