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It's likely that homeowners will have to select or replace a front door at some point during their ownership. Front door replacement and installation is a common task in the realm of Atlanta roofing, but selection of a new front door is not always simple. Wooden doors are common on old houses, but with time and exposure to the elements, wood can warp, expand or contract, which can compromise the door's structural integrity and the security of a home. Homeowners should understand what their options are when it comes to new or replacement doors. Front doors come in the form of wood, steel, fiberglass composite or aluminum.

Modern wood doors are a popular and versatile option and are now often made out of wood veneer over top an engineered wood core. This construction minimizes expansion and contraction. Veneers should be chosen for thickness. Anything less than 1/16th of an inch will peel too easily. Engineered wood doors are an inexpensive alternative to doors made of wood slabs though slab doors may be preferable for those who own historic houses and want to match the wood type already present.

Steel doors are worth considering for home or property owners who prioritize security and durability. Steel is much stronger than wood or fiberglass and does not crack or dent easily. Because steel is a very good heat conductor, cavities in steel doors are typically supplemented with foam insulation.

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Steel doors come in various gauges, with lower numbers indicating greater strength. They are usually coated with polyeurythane, which needs to be periodically repainted. In the best of cases, they are coated in maintenance free vinyl.

For homeowners who worry about the effects of humidity, fiberglass composite doors are a safe and durable option. These doors imitate the appearance of wood grain and can be stained to match any type of wood such as walnut, cherry or oak. These doors have a molded fiberglass surface set over a wooden stiles and rails, and any remaining spaces within the body of the door are filled with foam insulation to supplement the energy efficiency of a home. Fiberglass composite doors are lauded for their relative affordability compared to wood slab doors.

Aluminum doors are another metal door option that mimic steel door systems, using a metal skin on top of a wooden frame and foam insulation. Aluminum doors can be made to fit custom specifications, which may appeal to those with generous budgets and unique house styles. These doors are finished with hard enamel that does not require maintenance or painting, which is another plus, and they come in a wide variety of colors and textures.

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