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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Main Components Of The Roof

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From a street view, the roof may simply look like a layer of shingles, but a roof system is very complex, and many homeowners may not realize how important each component is. Atlanta roofing specialists understand that each layer of the roof works together to prevent wind and harsh weather from damaging the interior of the home and that the way the materials are installed is crucial to the longevity of the entire system. Each layer of the roof has a specific function in protecting the home from the elements.

The roof decking is the foundation layer that all other materials are placed on. The materials decks consist of may vary, but typical forms include plywood, oriented strand board, metal and concrete. The underlayment is attached directly onto the decking and helps to protect the deck from water and wind damage in case the shingles begin to leak. When roofing contractors install the layers of underlayment, they will overlap each layer so that water will not leak through the seams.

Drip edges are installed onto the underlayment, and the last layer of the roof, the shingles, is applied, usually consisting of asphalt, clay, wood, tile or metal. Many homeowners choose shingles based on curb appeal, although the material they consist of is extremely important.

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For example, homeowners who live in parts of the United States that experience frequents amounts of heavy rainfall and hail may opt to install metal shingles, which could prevent storm damage from harming other parts of the roof.

After the shingles are properly installed, roofing contractors will install roof flashing around the chimney and protruding pipes. Flashing is usually constructed from thin sheets of galvanized steel or aluminum, and it is applied to any joints on the roof, which is important because joints are the number one place where water leaks develop the most. If the flashing is not properly installed, the interior of the home could become significantly damaged. Many of the other materials used during the construction of the roof regularly expand and contract due to heat from the sun and cold during the nighttime. Flashing helps to protect the other materials underneath by withstanding all of these changes, especially during seasonal weather changes. This is one of the reasons many roofing contractors will install flashing that has been preformed, rather than cutting and shaping the material onsite. They will also ensure that the material is not prone to rust.

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