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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Locating A Roof Leak

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Small roof leaks can cause some major damage to a home. Not only can a leak damage ceiling, walls and even home furnishings, it can also cause mold to grow which is hazardous to a homeowner's health. The most important step in dealing with a leaking roof is to find the source of the issue and get help fast. Once the leak is located, the homeowner can contact a local Atlanta Roofing company to get it repaired.

Hearing or seeing dripping water is one of the first indications that there is a roof leak, however finding the exact entry and exit point isn't as simple to detect. Look for signs such as a wet, stained or discolored patch on the ceiling, floor or wall. Water damage also causes drywall and ceilings to bulge and will cause paint to peel. Some homeowners report a musty smell coming from the vicinity of the leak. This will be the exit point that the water is escaping from.

Once the exit point has been located, head into the attic, if available. Look for water stains or a small pool of water.

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Wear a mask while in this confined space to prevent breathing in possible mold caused by the leak. To confirm the location of the leak, the homeowner will need to go outside and get on the roof while keeping a friend inside the attic to watch for incoming water. Once on the roof, spray a steady stream of water from a garden hose over the area the leak is suspected to be at. Spray different spots until the person inside the attic calls to confirm that water is now coming through to the attic.

After the entry point on the roof has been determined, cover the area with a small tarp and contact a professional.

However, there are times that finding the exact point of the roof leak is not possible for the homeowner alone. If the trouble spot still hasn't been determined, wait on an experienced roofer to come out and evaluate the problem.

Keep in mind that the best way to avoid roof leaks is by knowing what causes them and taking appropriate preventative measures. Ice dams, fallen tree limbs, and even animals can cause damage. Keep tree limbs away from the roof by having them professionally trimmed and check the condition of the roof's tiles each season. Damaged tiles should be replaced once located.

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