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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Lengthening The Cedar Roof Life Cycle

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Cedar roofing systems offer many benefits, such as durability, sheer beauty and a long life cycle. There is potential that this long life cycle could be compromised though, requiring the assistance of an Atlanta roofing professional to help repair or replace damaged areas. Fortunately, there are common practices, none of which are all that difficult, that can be conducted in order to avoid damage and promote a longer life cycle for cedar shingles and shakes.

Although it is far too often overlooked, maintaining a well ventilated attic is one of the best ways to keeping a roofing system working the way it's supposed to. A properly ventilated attic can help prevent moisture with substantial air circulation. There are different systems available, some of which utilize a vent system while others opt for the powered fan approach. Different systems fit the needs of certain homes over others, but choosing the best option is relatively easy, especially when enlisting the help of a roofing professional.

The moisture prevention mentioned is key to protecting a roofing system because moisture is probably the biggest threat to roofs. In order to further avoid moisture damage, homeowners should be vigilant and keep a clean roof. There should be no debris, like twigs or leaves, built up in the valleys or corners because they help to trap water.

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Prolonged exposure to moisture promotes the growth of mold, mildew and other microorganisms that can significantly damage a roof if not treated immediately.

If any of these fungal growths are spotted, or if a shingle or shake appears to be damaged or out of place, the offending shingle should be replaced to prevent further damage. Shakes and shingles can split, curl, cup and fray, which are all relatively natural and common issues, but if the damaged pieces are not replaced, the potential for much more extensive water damage appears. The ridge caps should also be carefully looked over because they provide a large amount of protection from water and moisture since they are the first defense during rainfall.

Cedar roofing systems offer many superior benefits to homeowners, but it should be remembered that, unlike asphalt systems, cedar roofs need a bit more attention and maintenance. This is a small price to pay, however, because the natural beauty of cedar, coupled with its extensive life cycle when properly maintained, makes cedar shingles and shakes some of the most desirable roofing materials on the market.

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