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Many homeowners only think about their roofs when there is a problem, and usually the biggest issue is a leaky roof. Fortunately, Atlanta roofing companies have advice for homeowners on how to find leaks in their roofs before they become large, and ultimately, expensive.

One of the first places a homeowner should look when seeking out leaky areas is around penetrations of the roof. For instance, sealing and flashings are common places where leaks can occur, and, in single ply systems, these are usually the same materials as the membrane of the roof. These materials are all bonded together, and, over time, they can develop spaces that water can penetrate. If this becomes a common issue, there are rubber fasteners that can be placed over these areas to stop the water.

Another area where leaks often appear is around roof drains. These drains often come through the roof membrane, and rain can easily get through these areas. It becomes even more problematic when the drains become clogged with debris. A homeowner must make sure to clean around any drains several times a year, and, if penetrations through the roof membrane can be avoided, they should be.

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Homeowners also notice many leaks around the perimeter of the roof, as this is the area where the flashings from the membrane transition to sheet metal flashings. It is important that these sheet metal flashings are sealed correctly, and these should be inspected a couple of times a year. For homeowners who have leaks in these areas, it can help to purchase sheet metal roof accessories that can be installed nearby. If this still doesn't work, the membrane may need to be replaced. Expansion joints also may lead to leaks, which can often can be taken care of with special roof accessories.

Condensation can also cause roof leaking, and this issue usually appears in the winter when temperatures dip below freezing. This occurs when the moist, warm air inside of the home contacts the colder surfaces of the building's exterior. These conditions usually occur when there is an inadequate or missing air barrier on the ceilings or walls, typically caused by poor ventilation. Some roofs can be ventilated naturally, but, in most cases, a roofing contractor must install fans or other features to allow air to travel throughout the roofing system.

For homeowners who are experiencing leaks in their roof's structure, it is important that they reach out to a roofing professional to seal the leak as soon as possible. Most leaks can be repaired quickly and affordably, but, if allowed to continue, leaks can easily lead to large problems that require extensive repairs.

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