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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Issues That May Void Roof Warranty

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Installing a new roof is an expensive but worthwhile endeavor. When installed properly, a roofing system should last over 25 years and should not require frequent repairs when the homeowner invests just a bit of time and energy into routine maintenance. Despite the fact that roofing issues should be relatively uncommon, it is still important to have a warranty in place that protects against the possibility of major repairs becoming necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Understanding the warranty is essential, as there are sometimes issues that can result in voiding the warranty. Since extensive repairs can be costly at times, it is important to recognize some of the more common Atlanta roofing issues that may void a warranty.

The first thing that a homeowner should realize is that all warranties are different, so it may be the case that a particular issue will void one warranty but will have no effect on another. Homeowners should be familiar with the terms of their specific warranty so that it is not accidently voided.

Satellite dishes are quite popular among many homeowners, and it is certainly not uncommon to see a large dish perched atop the majority of roofs in a neighborhood.

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The company installing the dish often install it on the roof without inquiring about whether or not the roof warranty will be affected, so it is up to the homeowner to ensure that satellite installation is permitted. If it is not, any future damage that is sustained may no longer be covered by the warranty due to the presence of the satellite dish on the roof.

Roof cleaning is an important part of maintenance. When done properly, cleaning the roof will extend the lifespan of the system and will help in preventing the growth of moss and algae. While some will recommend the use of a pressure washer to clean the roof each year, it is possible that this simple act will void the warranty. This is because pressure washers can cause granule loss, and the warranty may be voided regardless of the PSI of the washer used by the homeowner. The use of a typical garden hose and a noncorrosive roof cleaning solution is effective and is unlikely to void the warranty.

The installation of additional ventilation may benefit the roofing system by balancing air intake and exhaust, thereby preventing a host of adverse conditions that result in roof damage. Despite this potentially positive benefit, it is also possible that the warranty will be voided if the ventilation is not installed according to the specifications of the warranty. The same is true of skylights and other additions, so it is essential for homeowners to refer to their warranty or consult the installer of their roof before beginning any project that may adversely affect the status of the warranty.

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