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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Installing Fascia Boards

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Atlanta roofing companies do not just take care of the actual roofing. They also work on the surrounding areas, as these areas are important in protecting the structure of the house from the elements. One of the most vital such areas is the wooden fascia.

Wooden fascia boards protect the sides of the house near the roof. They also are decorative and are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the house. Fascia boards are generally installed at the same time as a new roof.

Fascia boards take a great deal of skill to trim and install. They can be bought in all home supply and hardware stores but are often trimmed and shaped to fit a particular roof. Homeowners can even design their own fascia boards although this usually means taking the boards to a carpenter. Most roofers do not have the considerable woodworking skill necessary to custom make fascia designs.

Roofers installing traditional fascia boards will have to trim them to ensure an optimal fit with the roof. Generally, roofers will install the actual roofing first and make precise measurements so that they know the required dimensions of the fascia boards.

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They install the roofing first because the dimensions of the roof can easily vary from the plans by several inches.

Once the measurements have been made, roofers trim the fascia boards to exacting specifications. They will usually overshoot their intended dimensions by a small amount. This is done so that the boards can be sanded down to meet the required size perfectly. Roofers usually use a standard power saw to trim the boards. A carpenter will use precision tools to create unique boards if the homeowner desires.

Now that the boards have been trimmed, roofers will paint and prime them. This process can take several days. The primer can be applied quickly, but the paint takes time to dry. It is important to note that special waterproof paint and primer are used for fascia boards as these boards need to stand up to the elements.

Roofers will carefully determine where the structural beams of the house contact the edifice of the building. They will hang the fascia boards in these places so that the beams can support the fascia boards. This strengthens the structure of the whole house.

The final step in installing fascia is nailing the boards into the house. A properly placed fascia board will be easy to nail directly into a structural beam. This ensures the fascia board will not fall off.

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