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Atlanta Roofing: Article About How To Find A Reputable Roofer

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Searching for an Atlanta roofing contractor can be an overwhelming task. After all, there are hundreds of roofers in the area, and it's important to find a legitimate business that will do professional quality work.

Request multiple quotes from different companies, and don't immediately accept the lowest bid. Suspiciously low prices can indicate cheap materials or shoddy work. Sometimes, when a roofer is hired at a price too good to be true, surprise costs and unexpected additional repair work will crop up until the overall cost is much more than the original contract. Then again, the roofer may be an experienced professional who keeps their rates low due to minimal overhead costs. It can't hurt to ask the roofer how he or she came to their numbers. A reputable roofing company will always be willing to provide an explanation of all costs and labor and how they will handle any additional damage discovered to the roof's decking prior to entering a contract.

After a storm, wait until an insurance agent has performed a damage inspection before contacting a roofing professional. A homeowner can ask his or her insurance agent, neighbors, relatives and friends for recommendations. Always ask the roofing company how long they've been in business and request a list of local references. In most states, roofing contractors are required to provide proof of insurance and valid licensing. It also helps to visit the company's office and make sure they have a physical address and not just a post office box.

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Only meet for a consultation after setting up a prearranged appointment. Some legitimate roofing companies rely on calling potential customers to generate sales leads, but a salesperson who knocks on someone's door offering an in home consultation without an appointment isn't the norm. When meeting with the contractor, evaluate the roofer's communication skills and willingness to answer questions and provide explanations of work.

Clarify the details of what to expect during and after the job. Find out how clean up will be handled. A good roofing crew will clean as they work to avoid creating a hazardous job site and will remove all old roofing material after the project is complete.

Make sure they offer some kind of guarantee. Quality roofing professionals often provide an installation guarantee since manufacturers' warranties on roofing materials rarely cover installation.

Always get a written contract that requires all work to be completed before the receipt of payment. A professional roofing company is willing to be responsible for upfront costs. It's best to avoid doing business with anyone who demands a down payment before work can begin.

Only sign a contract after having a chance to review it and compare costs. An honest roofing company will be confident in the quality of its customer service and workmanship and should never have to resort to high pressure tactics to win business.

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