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Gable roofs are the most traditional of all roof styles built by Atlanta roofing companies. They are also considered the most attractive by many homeowners. Simply put, a gable roof is a roof constructed in a triangular shape.

Gable roofs are not made in great numbers anymore. This is due to the length and complexity of the construction process. There are not many roofers left that possess the knowledge to build such a roof from scratch.

The first step a roofer must take when constructing a gable roof is cutting the studs. They will put the rafters on rafter horses and cut the studs to their precise measurements using a circular saw. This is a quick process, but a mistake here will endanger the integrity of the entire roof.

The roofer will then mark out and cut the ridge cuts and bird's mouths. These terms refer to the places where the boards connect. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the job, and the experienced roofer will take his or her time to ensure they do not make a mistake.

Most roofers will then build a sort of catwalk so that they can walk around the roof as they build it, piece by piece. Generally, the roofer does this by installing the crossbeams and walking on them as necessary.

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The roof is quite fragile in this state, and the roofer must be careful not to slip and fall on it.

The roofer will now join the crossbeams and joists. This is done by holding a metal plate at the place where the beams meet and driving nails through it and both pieces of wood. The metal plate serves to strengthen the connection between the beams.

Experienced roofers will add a two by four to the place where the beams meet. They will nail it in such a fashion that it provides support for the connection between the two beams. If this step is not taken, a joist is much more likely to collapse at some point.

The roofer will follow this same basic pattern for the entire roof. If he or she does a quality job, the gable roof will last for decades. A homeowner will be the envy of his or her neighbors, and their house will stand out amongst the others in the neighborhood.

Gable roofs have the advantage of repelling water better than other roof types. This is because they are highly sloped. However, this same attribute makes them difficult and expensive to work on.

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