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When homeowners are installing a new roof on their home, it is important to consider the brand of roofing material and the type of warranty that the manufacturer provides. A roof is a sizable investment in a home, and the savvy homeowner wants to be sure that, should anything happen to the roofing system, coverage will be available to take care of it without incurring additional undue expense. Atlanta roofing professionals know that the best roofing products come from GAF, North America's most highly rated and well known manufacturer.

GAF is committed to providing great quality products in a range of styles, materials and prices. They have also gone the extra mile in making sure that their products are installed and inspected correctly by implementing a certification program that local roofers can participate in. The certification is a lengthy and rigorous program that only about 3 percent of roofing contractors manage to achieve. In addition to at least a five year track record of outstanding customer service and quality installations, roofers who want to be certified through GAF must undergo an extensive financial analysis and independent evaluation of their business practices.

Because GAF provides this excellent certification program, they can also offer some of the best warranties on their products. Their most comprehensive warranty is available on all the roofing materials that they supply.

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For general roof installations, there are two types of warranties available: the manufacturer warranty, which covers product defects, and the installation warranty, which is covered by the individual roofing contractor. Most roofs fail because of a workmanship error, not a product defect.

GAF has combined those warranty features in its Golden Pledge Warranty so that the entire roofing system, both workmanship and defect coverage, is provided by one company. This is a huge advantage to homeowners because it is not uncommon for roofing businesses to close or go out of business after a few short years. If that happens, then property owners may have no recourse if their roof fails due to a workmanship error.

A Golden Pledge Warranty through GAF will cover both workmanship and product defects independently of the individual installer. So in the unlikely event that a GAF certified roofing contractor who does an initial installation is no longer available, then GAF will provide another certified contractor that will uphold the same great quality and installation services that GAF is known for.

The Golden Pledge Warranty does cost more than the basic product defect warranty, but the assurance and service that it provides makes the cost well worth it for the majority of property owners.

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