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Local fire codes play a large role in how Atlanta roofing professionals go about doing a roofing installation. Building codes demand the use of fire resistant materials. This is because a roof is the most vulnerable part of the home during a fire. Embers from a nearby fire may be blown onto the roof and can set the home on fire long before the actual fire reaches the area around the home. Proper fireproofing increases the chances that a home will survive a blaze. What fire classification is given to roofing materials?

Shingles are classified with an A, B or C rating. A is the most fire resistant, and C is the least fire resistant. Most synthetic fiberglass shingles are class A, and organic shingles are class C. The following is a brief breakdown of some of the most popular roofing materials.

Class A asphalt shingles are designed to withstand the heat of a fire burning through a wooden structure and building components for up to two hours. They are a popular option for areas where fire is not a constant threat.

Concrete and clay are often used in commercial construction, yet they provide amazing fire protection to residential homes. Clay and concrete tiles are fireproof. The downside is their weight.

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If the roofing structure is not properly supported, fire could weaken the trusses, and the excess weight of the concrete and clay tiles can cause it to collapse.

Slate is also a heavy roofing material. It is all but indestructible and provides phenomenal fire protection. One downside of slate is its cost. Similar to concrete and clay, slate roofs require extra load bearing capabilities to support the weight of this attractive fireproof roofing material.

Metal roofs are fire resistant options that are perfect for homes with a steep slope where materials such as sleet and tile cannot be installed. Metal can be fabricated to mimic natural materials while providing a level of fire protection that these materials cannot.

In addition to selecting the right materials, the National Roofing Contractors Association encourages homeowners to keep tree branches trimmed and away from the roof because these could start a fire or spread fire to other homes.

Homes built in areas that are prone to fires should be equipped with a fireproof or a fire resistant roof. Homeowners are encouraged to work closely with their roofing contractor in selecting a roofing material that will enhance the beauty of their home while protecting it from fire damage.

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