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Because a home is such a significant investment, it's important for homeowners to protect it from the elements. Fiberglass siding is one of the options that contractors offer for exterior protection, and it's fairly new to the residential siding market. Atlanta roofing contractors may recommend fiberglass to homeowners who want durable siding that looks attractive.

Fiberglass siding is a pultruded material and has been in use for residential windows for many years due to its strength and durability. This type of siding is manufactured with graining on the surface, which gives it the appearance of wood siding. While it's similar to vinyl and fiber cement in appearance, the wood grain texture is more subtle and delicate.

In fiberglass siding, the glass fibers and plastics to which they are bound don't expand and contract as the weather fluctuates from extreme heat to extreme cold. It can withstand temperatures from minus 30 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Other sidings such as vinyl don't offer this advantage, and they frequently suffer cracks, brittleness and breakage. There are also fewer seams in fiberglass siding's surface because longer spans of material can be used, and the fiberglass boards can be tightly connected when they are installed.

The siding features glass fibers that can stand up to impacts that might crack other siding materials.

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Its strength allows it to resist chipping, dings, dents and splintering, and the material is impenetrable to insects and rodents. Fiberglass siding is very resistant to moisture and can expand and contract along with local humidity and weather conditions. The material is often installed with factory applied water management clips that provide for ventilation and drainage space in case water infiltrates the house and the siding.

One of the biggest advantages of fiberglass siding, however, is the fact that it weighs one third of fiber cement, so it's easier for one installer to handle. This benefits homeowners through the reduction of installation labor time and costs. Fiberglass siding doesn't require caulk, which means that homeowners have less ongoing maintenance to worry about as well. It also doesn't require repainting every few years.

Its main disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it is limited in its availability, and only a small number of manufacturers are familiar with it. This means that while homeowners could save money on labor costs, they might have to invest more for the materials than they would for vinyl or fiber cement. Additionally, this limited availability means that there are limited colors as well. Despite this fact, the colors that are available for fiberglass siding are bold and rich, and they have a superior acrylic finish that is four times as thick as the paint that is used on other siding materials. The finish is integrated into the siding so that it maintains the color.

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