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After a hurricane strikes or a tall tree falls in the wrong direction, homeowners may need to schedule repairs quickly to preserve their homes' structural integrity. In some cases, especially in communities recently affected by extreme weather, it may take time to find a roofing contractor and begin rebuilding a seriously damaged roof. In the meantime, though, how a homeowner responds may determine whether or not the house sustains further damage.

As a general rule, roofing repairs should be left to professionals, whatever the degree of damage. Experienced roofers draw on years of experience and can access rooftops safely. Even sound roofs can be dangerous for inexperienced homeowners to tread on. In cases of damaged roofs, there's an even greater risk of something going wrong. Therefore, even if it's only as an initial emergency measure, it's a good idea to engage the help of a professional. Most reputable Atlanta roofing companies will be able to provide emergency support as well as written estimates for more thorough repair work.

When a homeowner's roof is severely compromised, the first measure of emergency roof repair is to get the roof covered with waterproof material. A simple woven plastic tarp is usually enough to work as a temporary measure.

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It can be secured in place with wooden strips. Roofers may anchor this makeshift roof to any undamaged areas of roofing using screws. In cases of holes or other localized damage, it's generally a good idea to be generous with the tarp. It's far better to cover more area than needed than to discover gaps in the covering.

After major weather disasters, it's common for roofing companies to go door to door, soliciting homeowners in affected areas and offering their services at low prices. However, many of the companies that employ these tactics are not insured, licensed or bonded. Often, they cannot provide references, as they lack a proven track record of work experience within the community. Even for emergency measures, homeowners are rarely well advised to work with such companies.

Putting down a tarp is hardly a long term solution, but it can go a long way towards minimizing the extent of damage. In many cases, the initial damage to the roof is costly to repair. However, if it is the direct result of bad weather, property insurance may cover the repair costs. On the other hand, should the homeowner fail to take immediate measures, any further damage to the property, including water damage to the house's interior through the damaged roof, may not be covered.

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