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Installing a new roof can represent a sizable investment for property owners, and most want to get the best value for their money and the most enduring roof that they can afford. Although standard, three tab asphalt shingles have been the most popular and affordable roofing material for many years, some property owners are turning to other types of roofing because they are more aesthetically pleasing and offer superior longevity and durability. Dimensional asphalt shingles are a relatively new product that provides homeowners with a pleasing palate of choices as well as affordability. A certified Atlanta roofing contractor can help interested homeowners make the best choice for the budget and their style.

Dimensional shingles, also known as architectural shingles, are made up of two thicknesses of asphalt that are bonded together to produce a durable and long lasting roofing shingle. They can be shaped and patterned into different configurations so that they resemble other, more expensive roofing materials. The top layer of the shingle is typically cut or notched so that the overall effect is of depth and dimension, such as is seen with wooden shake, slate or clay tile applications. Curved cut, red dimensional shingles look very similar to the popular S shaped clay tile that is seen in many coastal areas on Spanish style architecture but is far less costly than clay tile.

Architectural shingles are more durable than three tab shingles and generally come with a 40 to 50 year warranty. They are resistant to winds of up to 120 miles per hour, and they are quite fire resistant.

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Because they are thicker and well bonded, they are less prone to warping or buckling. The dimensional element also provides excellent visual coverage, masking any slight imperfections in the structure of the roof.

Because of their rise in popularity, dimensional shingles are widely available in a wealth of colors and designs. They are appropriate for almost any style of roof and hold up on steep pitches, even in severe weather areas. Though consumers might expect to pay a premium price for such a flexible and durable product, dimensional shingles only cost about 20 percent more than traditional three tab shingles. The low cost, along with the huge variety of colors and styles, makes an elegant and durable roofing system that fits most people's budgets.

The only downside to this type of asphalt shingle is that they may be more prone to mold, mildew and fungal invasion. All asphalt roofs are at risk from these elements, but since the dimensional shingles have more notches and crevices, they may be at a slightly higher risk. Keeping leaves and other organic material off the roof can go a long way to minimizing this threat, and a regular roof inspection can help homeowners stay on top of any problems before they become costly.

Choosing a dimensional asphalt roof provides homeowners with a personalized roof that fits both their personal aesthetic and their budget.

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