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When Atlanta roofing specialists prepare to help a customer with their rooftop needs, they make sure to have all of the necessary materials available to guarantee a seamless installation. In addition to the shingles and flashing system, all professionals use a variety of roofing nails, which are typically selected according to the nature of the roofing project. By learning more about the different fasteners used during the installation process, homeowners will be better prepared for future projects and inspections.

Almost all roofing nails are specifically shaped and designed to be used for roofing installations. They need to be durable and thin enough to fasten shingles, felt and various other materials that can be vital to the installation. There are many different kinds of roofing nails available, in varying sizes and materials to keep up with different systems of shingles. Despite their variations, almost all roofing nails will have wide, flat heads and relatively short shanks. They are always designed to be sharp in order to ensure that the roofing system's surface is not damaged as the nails are driven through.

Most nail materials are chosen to keep up with roofing materials.

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Aluminum nails are commonly selected for metal roofing systems, but they are not often chosen for places where they would be exposed to salt and other chemicals. Homeowners who live near coastlines and areas that regularly experience acid rain will use stainless steel nails instead. These are particularly good options for all types of tile and slate. Copper nails are commonly chosen for just about all other standard roofing installations. Galvanized steel is another popular nail material because it can hold up better against rust and weathering, making it ideal for short term installations, such as for asphalt shingles.

Most nails are available in standard lengths between one and two inches, though some may be as long as six inches in length, designed to hold up better with thicker materials. Screw shank nails will be twisted and have tips used for wood shingles. Ring shank nails will have a larger nail head, making them ideal for roofing systems that are designed to withstand strong winds. The most commonly used and available nails are known as smooth shank nails. While they are not as strong as other nail options, they are easy to produce and use with a variety of different systems. Most professionals will use one inch nails for asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Longer nails are necessary for wood shingles and other thick materials.

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