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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Creating A Flat Roof Patio

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Flat roofs have some definite advantages in that they can be used as outdoor living space. This makes them the ideal spot for a patio for those who have limited land available. There are some considerations that should be addressed first to ensure the structural integrity of the roof is not compromised in the process.

The biggest concern homeowners face is ensuring they do not add too much weight to the structure. The combined weight of furniture, potted plants and barbeque grills can easily exceed the load bearing capacity of a flat roof. It's important to have an Atlanta roofing contractor inspect the roof to determine what its load bearing capacity is. Those who plan to entertain on their roofs should take the additional weight of their guests into consideration when planning as well.

An inspector should not only assess load bearing capabilities but the integrity of the roof itself. There should be no noticeable depressions or soft spots in the roof, and any asphalt covering it should also be intact with no visible cracks or crumbling. It's important the roof drains operate properly and that water does not pool on top of the surface whenever it rains.

Homeowners should plan the layout of their patio carefully so as not to interfere with water running off the surface.

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Although they may appear level, flat roofs actually have a slight pitch near the center that allows water to run off and into the drains. As such, it's important not to place furniture or other objects near the highest point of the roof so as not to interfere with its functioning. It's also important to ensure weight is evenly distributed throughout the roof as much as possible.

Safety should always be a concern when creating a rooftop patio. Some buildings may require railing along the edges of a flat roof to prevent people from falling off it. When placing railing, it's important to ensure the roof's decking is solid enough to hold it and that drains are not blocked in the process. Safety netting should also be placed around air conditioners or other mechanical equipment to prevent people from accessing them.

By following these tips, homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of a rooftop patio without worrying about injuries or damage to their structure. They can also save a great deal of money since creating a rooftop patio typically costs much less than building one from scratch does.

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