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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Common Shingle Installation Mistakes

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Atlanta roofing professionals usually go over all installation details with homeowners before a project begins. These details are written out in roofing contracts, giving both parties a view of all responsibilities without any questions. However, it's a smart idea to research roofing material information before agreeing to any products, including shingles. From application rate to underlayment type, errors can occur with shingled roofs if homeowners don't pay careful attention to details.

When contractors bring sample shingles to a home, residents need to take their time and inspect the materials. Although choosing the cheapest material seems logical, it's a better idea to select a budget friendly product with certain beneficial features. Specially coated granules, for example, will look better on the rooftop while protecting the surface from ultraviolet radiation. A thick shingle is usually a better selection too because it has more stability in high winds.

Mixing and matching different shingles among various manufacturers is a bad roofing strategy. Each shingle manufacturer has a slightly different installation specification for their product, making a general attachment process a compromise for all mixed product types. Although a friend may have extra shingles from their last roofing project, don't mix them with another purchased product. Simply purchase all new shingles from one manufacturer to make the installation as secure as possible.

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Before any work begins on the rooftop, homeowners must have the proper permit. Reputable roofers often secure this permit for each project so that homeowners don't have to go through the application process. Simply verify the contractor has the permit on the first project day. If a roof goes without a permit, authorities look to the homeowners when handing out fines, not the installing roof company.

Questionable roofers may tempt some homeowners with an overlay shingle project, but avoid this mistake entirely. Simply adding new shingles on old ones doesn't allow the contractor to verify if the roof deck can support the weight. There could be extensive and necessary repairs that are hidden under those old materials. Be sure to choose a tear off and replacement roof project to avoid overlay errors.

If there are any concerns about a shingle installation, always bring them up with the onsite supervisor. Even the roofing contract can be examined to verify any questions or material choices. Contractors are there for homeowners as guiding forces. It's the residents' decisions on material type and installation style that create an unforgettable rooftop for years of curb appeal.

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