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Regardless of the design style of a home, many types of roofs consist of the same basic materials, and Atlanta roofing specialists understand that each material may be prone to specific types of damage. For example, gutters are particularly prone to experiencing water backup, which can create ice dams during harsh winter weather. If there are low hanging tree limbs nearby, the gutters can become backed up with leaves and other debris, which could prevent water from flowing and eventually make the other parts of the roof prone to rotting and mildew. Here are some of the most basic types of materials used during the construction of a roof as well as some of the most common types of problems associated with them.

The fascia board serves to protect the edges of the roof from moisture and rot. In many cases, gutters, rafters and trusses are installed along the fascia board for this reason. The fascia also protects the rest of the roof and the interior of the home from weather damage. If the fascia becomes damaged, it can allow water to penetrate to the soffit and cause damage to it as well. While most newer homes feature fascia as part of the roofing system, some older homes may not.

The soffit helps to provide proper ventilation from the attic and usually features small holes that allow air to circulate easily and draw moisture and heat away from the home.

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It is the exposed surface under the overhanging roof eave. If there is damage to the soffit, moisture can be allowed into the attic space, which can cause rotting to the sheathing and rafters. Another common problem that can develop in the soffit is that if there are cracks, holes or rotting damage, it is an ideal place for small insects to live in, which can cause further damage to the roof overhang. Because soffits play such an important role in protecting the rest of the roof, they are usually constructed with vinyl material.

The flashing is a common place where water leaks develop. If it is not repaired, it can cause damage to the interior of the home, including the ceilings and drywall. Flashings are essential to preventing water leaks to the roof deck as well.

All of these problems should be addressed immediately so that further damage does not occur to the roof. Since each main component of the roof is part of a larger system, if repairs are not made in a timely manner, other components could become compromised.

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