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Given the fact that a roof protects a house from the elements, the roofing is not complete without a guttering system to carry rainwater away from the structure. The problem with gutters is that they are not maintenance free, even though their function is relatively simple. Over time, they tend to get dirty on both the inside and outside. Dirt on the outside detracts from the home's appearance. Consequently, homeowners want to keep them clean and looking nice. Dirt on the inside can build up and keep the gutters from fulfilling their function. Houses located in areas where leaves can get onto the roof are more prone to blocked gutters than houses in other locations. Homeowners who need help with maintaining or replacing their roofing and gutters can contact a qualified Atlanta roofing professional.

Cleaning the outside of gutters is relatively simple as long as one can handle working from a ladder. Detergent, water and a sponge will usually do the trick. The process is similar to washing a car in that the gutter is sprayed with a water hose first to knock off any loose dirt or debris.

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After that, the soapy water is applied with the sponge, followed by rinsing it off with the hose again.

Cleaning the inside of the gutter can be more of a chore, especially if dirt, leaves and other debris are packed inside it. When removing the contents by hand, gloves should be worn. Another method that many people find effective is to use a paint scraper that is slightly narrower than the gutter to remove the contents that are a bit stubborn about coming out. Scrapers with angled handles work best because they can be used like miniature shovels. Other things that many people already possess, like shop vacuums and pressure washers, can be used if the material in the gutters is relatively loose. However, if one is using a pressure washer or plain water hose to flush the gutters, steps should be taken to prevent clogging of the downspouts, especially if they lead to underground drain pipes. A simple solution is to remove the elbow that connects the gutter to the main part of the downspout before starting to flush.

Many homeowners have leaf screens installed on their gutters to cut down on the amount of necessary cleaning. While a number of types are available, care should be used to select the right one that best fits the particular application.

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