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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Cedar Shingles and Shakes

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There are many different types of roofing shingles available to choose from, but when homeowners are choosing which one will add the best aesthetic value to their roofline, a popular choice is cedar. Like other types of wood roof shingles, cedar can provide a striking finish to the roof and boost curb appeal. Many homeowners appreciate that cedar shingles are friendly to the environment as well. However, there are some drawbacks to selecting cedar shingles as well, depending on the local climate. Atlanta roofing specialists understand that cedar shingles might require more maintenance than other types of materials; homeowners are encouraged to contact a roofing contractor to discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages of installing this type of material.

One of the interesting facts about cedar shingles is that they may be derived from four different types of cedar species from around the globe. White cedar shingles have become a popular choice because they have a lower price point than red cedar, and they are often cut from newer trees.

Cedar offers homeowners the option of selecting traditional shingles, or shakes, which create more of a rugged texture.

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If they are properly maintained, cedar can last for up to 50 years or more, and once they have reached their lifespan, they can easily be recycled. They are naturally weather resistant and can withstand high amounts of heat and cold. They also provide greater thermal resistance than other roofing materials and contain oils that repel bugs and resist decay.

One of the disadvantages to cedar shingles is that they will acquire a gray appearance as they weather. The shingles must also be treated in order to be fire resistant, but many homeowners appreciate that there are several different green treatments that are available.

Roofing contractors must install the shingles in a way that will allow air to circulate because the wood needs to be able to breathe. For homeowners who live in colder parts of the United States, snow guards may also need to be installed because snow buildup can prevent proper air circulation, which could cause the shingles to become damaged.

Homeowners who opt to install cedar shingles or shakes will most likely be pleased with the finished results, but they are encouraged to clean debris such as twigs and fallen leaves from the surface of the roof at least two times a year. If debris is not removed, it could allow water to back up onto the shingles and cause rotting.

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