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Prow roofs are coming back into fashion, especially when it comes to modern log homes and Viceroy style houses. Prow roofs are roofs that have a triangular overhang of several feet at one or both ends. This overhang protects the windows and anyone immediately below them from the elements. Prow roofs can be very attractive if built correctly.

The construction process that Atlanta roofing companies follow for prow roofs is very similar to that of other roofing types. It only differs when it comes to the prow part of the roof. The rest of the roof is made in the same way as a normal gable roof.

The roofer will first construct the roof minus the prow. After the roofer has done this, he or she will prepare to build the roof's signature feature. While it is relatively easy to build the gabled part of the roof, it requires great skill to build the prow.

The first step in the construction of the prow is to mount roof cap boards on top of the ridge, or highest point of the roofing beams. The roofer will let these boards extend well beyond the ridge. This creates space for the prow.

Once the roofer has installed the roof cap boards, he or she must measure from the end of the boards to the last beam in the roof structure.

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The measurement will determine the length of the prow support beams. An experienced roofer knows he or she must measure very carefully, as the slightest miscalculation could result in an unstable prow.

Next, the roofer must install the prow support beams. These are first nailed to the last rafter. After they are secure, the roofer nails them to the ridgetop board, which is the top of the prow.

Now that the structure of the prow is complete, the roofer will cover it with plywood. Roofing felt must be installed on the plywood sheathing. The roofing material must go on top of the roofing felt. Experts recommend that only traditional asphalt shingles be installed on the prow. Metal roofing may be too heavy, and foam roofing is not suited for highly sloped sections such as a prow.

While a prow roof is in fashion, the homeowner must keep in mind the expense. Due to the danger and difficulty of the job, most roofing companies will charge a large amount for the work. The number varies but can reach into four figures. The informed homeowner will carefully weigh this against their desire for a striking roof.

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