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During the spring and summer, homeowners may suddenly begin to hear a lot of chatter coming from their roof. In some cases, they may be surprised to find that birds have chosen the roof to build their nest. Birds like to build their nests in protected places. Some roofs that have slopes or overhanging eaves provide adequate protection for nests. However, they can become a real problem if they overstay their welcome. If a homeowner finds that birds have moved into the eaves or the attic, it is recommended that they speak to their trusted Atlanta roofing contractor to find a solution.

While it may very exciting to be hosting a nest in the eaves, it should be noted that their droppings could cause extreme damage to the roof and the roof structure. If the homeowner fails to have the droppings removed, the acids in the dropping can potentially eat through the materials. In fact, the damage can be so severe that the lifespan of the roof could be cut in half. If the birds can get into the attic spaces and the homeowner fails to check for pests, the roof could ultimately collapse if conditions become bad enough.

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Birds can cause damage in other ways as well. Certain birds, including starlings and sparrows, like to build their nest in the rain gutters and in the drains. This can cause blocks in the gutter system, which can cause water to overflow or back up onto the roof, potentially causing a leak. Birds may also nest in the home's ventilation system. Not only can this cause the flow of fresh air in and out of the home to become disrupted, but the contaminants and diseases associated with birds can be blown into the home. Deaths have occurred in the past due to carbon monoxide buildup that was caused by bird nests blocking the ventilation.

There are a number of diseases associated with birds, which can make it dangerous to handle them directly. It is recommended that homeowners who do not have experience with dealing with birds call a professional. The professional will have the proper safety material, including respirators and protective clothing, which will allow them to safely remove the birds. Once the birds are gone, a professional roofing contractor can inspect the roof structure and gutters to find and repair any damages that the birds caused. Additionally, they can potentially fill the holes to thwart nesting birds in the future.

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