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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Benefits Of White Roof Coating

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One of the biggest threats to Atlanta roofing systems involves damage from the sun's harmful UV rays. Flat and metal roofs are especially susceptible, and should therefore be protected from damage. One of the best ways of doing this is to apply a white elastomeric coating to the top of a roof. Here are just a few of the benefits homeowners could acquire by doing so.

By far, the biggest benefit to installing this coating is energy savings. White roofs tend to absorb less heat during the summer months, which in turn makes a home easier to cool. The exact savings will vary, but most homeowners could notice a significant savings; so much in fact that the coating could actually pay for itself in only a short amount of time.

White elastomeric coating is especially beneficial at extending the lifespan of flat roofs. These roofs tend to be very dark due to the roofing tar used to coat them with. This dark surface tends to absorb heat, which in turn can make it very brittle and prone to cracking. Covering a flat roof with white elastomeric coating reduces the amount of heat absorbed, making it less likely that cracks will develop.

Metal and flat roofs may also expand and contract when exposed to heat and humidity.

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This can compromise their structural integrity. The good news is that white elastomeric coating grips the surface of a roof tightly, even as it expands and contracts. As such, it provides a second layer of protection against heavy precipitation or high winds.

When properly applied, white roof coating is very long lasting. Most manufacturers offer at least a five year warranty on their products, with many guaranteeing them for up to fifteen years. The actual lifespan of this coating is actually much longer than that. With proper care, some brands may last as long as 20 years.

White elastomeric coating can be placed directly over top of an existing roof, meaning no tear off is needed before applying it. This product also does not count as an additional roofing layer, which means that roofing tiles can be placed directly over top of it so long as there is only one layer underneath.

Commercial and residential property owners alike can benefit from having white elastomeric coating applied to their roofs. For best results, hiring a professional roofing company to perform the work is recommended rather than installing this product as a DIY project.

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