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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Asphalt Roofing

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Asphalt roofing materials are some of the most widely available, and often most affordable, options for roofing a home or building. With few drawbacks, asphalt materials can be a viable and enticing option for any job, and enlisting the help of an Atlanta Roofing specialist will help any homeowner or designer with making the right choice for the project.

One of the largest benefits of asphalt roofing material is the great freedom of choice homeowners and designers have when shopping around. There is a vast amount of specifications homeowners have control over when choosing asphalt shingles, such as shape, color and even texture. There are dozens of standard colors to choose between, and some manufacturers will custom tint for the right price, but where the versatility of asphalt shingles really shows is in the range of styles available.

Three tab asphalt shingles are the most common and affordable option and can be seen on the majority of homes in the nation. They provide a reliable, economical option to homeowners in need of a new roof who are on a budget or just do not feel the need to overspend on roofing supplies. One of the only negatives often associated with this option is, in fact, their popularity. If a homeowner or designer is in any way aiming for originality, the stock choices of three tab asphalt shingles is probably not the way to go.

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There are multiple other common choices though, including jet, signature cut and tie lock.

Architectural shingles, however, are asphalt shingles that have been kicked up a notch in both look and function. Architectural shingles are thicker and more durable than traditional asphalt shingles and are often designed to look as if they are not standard asphalt shingles at all but a more appealing wood or slate. Due to an additional layer of asphalt underneath the shingle that is meant to create their more countered design, architectural shingles also excel at keeping out water and moisture. Architectural shingles are a great choice for those trying to give a more dramatic appearance to their project while maintaining performance and functionality.

There are many benefits associated with making an asphalt roofing material the final choice for a roof, but, due to all the options available, it might be difficult for some to make a final choice. Calling upon a roofing specialist can help because they will be able to take certain things into account that those without roofing experience might not consider. The best option is out there somewhere, and roofing professionals can help find it.

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