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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Benefits and Negatives Of Cedar Roofing

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Cedar wood roofing systems are a great option for homeowners looking to install a new roof. They offer many benefits, such as durability, beauty and longevity, with only a few negatives that come along as well. Contacting an Atlanta Roofing professional to gain a better understanding of whether a cedar roofing system would be a good fit for specific climate conditions is also a wise choice, but most often, the versatility of cedar shakes and shingles will allow for successful installation.

The durability of cedar wood shingles and shakes is a huge advantage to choosing them as a roofing material, especially in areas that suffer from more severe weather conditions. Cedar shingles and shakes are capable of resisting strong winds, making them a desirable choice for homeowners in areas where hurricanes are a potential hazard. They are also quite resilient, faring well during rainy seasons and in areas with high moisture content, which usually wreak havoc on roofing systems if they are not vigilantly maintained.

This durability and resilience helps to offset the high price of cedar shingles and shakes, which is often a barrier to entry for homeowners on a budget. When looked at as a lifetime investment, cedar roofing systems become more appealing, since they potentially last longer than fifty years with the proper maintenance.

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This maintenance, fortunately, does not have to be extensive, but it should be performed regularly and as soon as a problem is noticed.

It is completely natural for cedar shingles or shakes to cup, curl, split or show fraying, and one of the benefits of a cedar roofing system is that these problem shingles can be repaired one by one. When dealing with other roofing materials, like metal for example, it is necessary to replace whole sheets of roofing even though just a small portion is damaged. This is not the case for cedar shingles, though, because individual pieces can be removed and replaced, lessening the cost of repairs. The cost of a homeowner's utility bills might just go down as well because cedar roofing systems often provide up to twice the amount of insulation as traditional asphalt systems, lowering the needs for heating and cooling throughout the house.

Cedar roofing systems offer many benefits that homeowners will be able to enjoy for a long time and bring with them only a few negatives. On the whole, cedar roofing systems are a quality product that will satisfy homeowners for years to come.

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