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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Bargain Roofing Pitfalls

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When a homeowner needs work on their roof, they often look for the lowest price possible. This is understandable in today's economy, but price is not the most important factor in deciding whom to hire to work on the roof. Quality workmanship, warranties and durability are more important than the lowest price. In the long run, these qualities often make a roof that seems more expensive the better deal. Having an experienced, reliable Atlanta roofing contractor install a new roof is often the most cost effective way to purchase a new roof, even if the initial cost is more than a bargain roofer's price.

When searching for a contractor, homeowners are often advised to get three quotes. Once homeowners make sure that each contractor is offering the same services for the money, they usually go with the least expensive offer. If a roofing quote comes in significantly lower than the others do, it may be a red flag. Homeowners should ask themselves why the quote is so much lower. It could be that the roofer is using low quality materials.

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While a lower price is tantalizing, using poor quality materials will mean that the roof will have to be replaced again much sooner than it would have been had higher quality materials been used.

Some roofers who offer bargain basement prices often lack investment capital to purchase materials. They offer a low price but require a significant portion of the total cost as a down payment. In reality, they are likely using the down payment to purchase low quality materials. If any further repair needs are discovered, the bargain roofer often charges the homeowner more to cover additional materials. The cost of bargain roofers can quickly spiral out of control.

Many roofers who offer the lowest price often lack experience. They offer a lower price as a way of competing with established roofers. Everyone has to start somewhere, and startup status does not necessarily mean a poor quality roofer. Homeowners just need to know upfront what they are getting themselves into.

For instance, bargain roofing companies might not be carrying liability insurance or workers comp. To avoid those costs, they may hire subcontractors rather than employees. The difference means that they don't have to ensure the subcontractor. Unfortunately, if the subcontractors do not have their own insurance, the homeowners could be on the hook for injuries sustained by subcontractors while they work on their roof. Before hiring a bargain roofer, homeowners need to make sure about the status of each person who performs work on their roof.

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