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In a nutshell, the purpose of gutters on a house is to divert the rainwater that drains off the roof to a place away from the house. Without them, water that falls onto the relatively broad area of the roof would concentrate along a narrow strip on the ground under the edges of the roof. This concentrated force of water would quickly cause some serious erosion. It could also leak through the blocks along the lower part of the house and get into the basement or crawl space. Gutters with their associated downspouts allow homeowners and Atlanta roofing professionals to route the water to an area that does not lend itself to damage potential.

What happens when gutters are not functioning properly? Gutters fasten to the fascia that in turn is fastened to the ends of the rafters and runs along the bottom section of the roof. When water is not flowing through them as it should, the gutters will overflow. Water will then cause the ground below to erode in much the same way it would if the gutters were not there. The overflow can also cause water damage to the fascia and edges of the roof. The key to preventing these kinds of problems is keeping the gutters free of debris.

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People who live near wooded areas will find that their gutters are prone to filling with leaves in the fall. As the leaves come off the trees and blow onto the roof, they will inevitably wash into the gutters and stop them up. When gutters appear clear but overflow anyway, the downspout is likely clogged.

There are two ways homeowners can keep water flowing through the gutters and downspouts as it should, regular cleaning and installing covers. Cleaning is more effective when it is done at the right times of the year. For example, if leaves are the problem, scheduling a clean out in late fall after the trees are bare is a good strategy. Once all the leaves have been removed, the downspouts should be checked. An easy way to do this without taking them apart is to use a hose to spray water into the gutters and look to see if it is flowing freely out of the end of the downspouts. As a preventative measure, many homeowners will hire their local roofing company to install covers. Various designs are available that will keep solids out while allowing water in.

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