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Many homeowners are surprised to learn about the impact of the attic space on how well a roof performs. Attics are prone to all sorts of problems, ranging from insect or animal infestations to air drafts and water leaks. Preventive maintenance and prompt repairs to the attic can be done by the homeowner or hired out to local Atlanta roofing contractors. Property owners who make these three areas of the attic a priority will be certain to enjoy a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

The first issue of concern in any attic is the presence of cracks and crevices in the walls and roof. These little gaps allow indoor air to be exchanged with the outdoor environment. In the winter months of the year, the heated air inside the home will be drawn outside through these gaps, while in the summer, hot outdoor air will make its way in. Moisture and insects can also get in through these tiny spaces. Air sealing can get rid of the gaps and prevent problems before they occur. Homeowners can use a caulking gun to seal up the gaps. A roofing company can also do this sort of work.

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Homeowners should also check for the level of insulation in the attic space. Not only is a properly insulated attic more energy efficient, but it also enhances the comfort of everyone living in the home. The U.S. Department of Energy makes recommendations for insulation levels based upon the building materials of the home, the location of the residence and other factors, such as nearby trees. Some types of insulation, such as roll or batt products, can be put into place by the homeowner. Others, such as loose fill and spray foam, must be installed by licensed contractors. The upfront cost of insulation may seem significant, but it begins to pay off immediately in utility bill savings. Well insulated attics also help to prevent costly roofing problems such as ice dams.

Ventilation is the third essential part of attic care. Good ventilating systems within the attic helps reduce moisture buildup. An excess amount of moisture in the attic of a house can cause the roof's wooden joists, trusses, beams and decking to deteriorate and rot. The presence of moisture in the attic also causes the growth of mold and mildew, which may have harmful effects on the health of the home's residents. Vents and whole house fans can be put into place by roofers and other professional contractors.

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