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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Attic and Roof Relationships

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The health and lifespan of a roof are directly affected by the attic underneath it. It's important to be aware of the relationship between a roof and an attic. A properly set up and maintained attic can help prolong the life expectancy of a roof.

An attic needs proper ventilation to avoid problems in the interior of the attic as well as the roof. Keep the attic cool to avoid any damage to the structure. Air should enter in from the soffits and exit through the highest point in the peak of the roof.

If a roof is not properly ventilated, it will cause blisters on the asphalt shingles above it due to excessive heat buildup. There are several different types of attic vents available that fit different types of Atlanta roofing. Static vents, ridge vents, gable vents and wind turbines can all improve ventilation.

If water is trapped in the roof space and there is poor ventilation to remove it, the water will condense on the roof felt. Then, the water will drip onto the floor of the roof space. Damp spots will result on the ceiling or walls of the floor below.

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Installing a roof ventilator to reduce any condensation will solve these problems. Homeowners can alternately replace the roofing felt with a breathable membrane to allow moisture to escape.

A poorly ventilated attic can build up moisture. Roof rafters or joists then become wet and can also begin to rot. If moisture is visible, it indicates a potentially a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The cause of the dampness needs to be found and fixed. Roof tiles or slates could be missing, causing the moisture. Any damaged timbers need to be repaired or replaced. As the rafters are what carries the weight of the roof, it is best to contact a roofing specialist to do a full inspection and assessment.

Using the attic as a point of inspection for the roof is recommended. Look inside the attic for any signs of stains, trails or other discolorations that may indicate the presence of water leaks. Take a flashlight and look along the seams of insulation inside the attic. See if the insulation is wet or peeling. Examine the roof boards to see if there is any daylight visible from inside the attic. Look for any gaps around penetrations like vents, skylights and chimneys. Repair any issues as soon as possible.

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