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A leaky roof and subsequent water damage is not the only type of damage a roof can experience during its service life, although it's often the one homeowners worry about first and with good reason. Some damage to roofing and surrounding materials can be prevented altogether by regular inspections and frequent, effective maintenance practices. Safeguarding the condition of a roof is crucial to the health of the building, and, most importantly, its occupants. At other times, identified problems require the assistance of Atlanta roofing and restoration professionals. It's important for both home and business owners to know when a problem calls for simple maintenance or needs the intervention of a roofing company.

If a leak or other roof problem has caused seepage, wetting or rewetting in any area, mold might be present, even if it can't be seen and no odor is present. If mold is existing in heating or cooling systems, especially in the ductwork, the health of the occupants can be adversely affected. When this occurs, mold remediation might be indicated. Routine maintenance and thorough examination of all the areas of a roof and its surrounding materials, such as fascia boards, soffit, gutters, chimneys, vents and shingles, will provide a good measure of protection. Home and business owners should periodically check that these areas are free of moisture buildup, cracking, holes, separation, rot and signs of pest activity.

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Birds and rodents find accessible or rotting soffit and fascia areas a desirable place to nest or hide, causing structural problems and also attracting unwanted insects.

To keep a roof and building free of mold, mildew and water damage, all home or business owners should give close attention to two items that are not always associated with water leakage. These are gutters and fascia boards. Buildup of debris and water in gutter systems doesn't just affect the proper drainage and runoff of rain and ice melt during storms. Trapped water in gutters can cause the underlying and adjacent roof, as well as the insulation areas, to develop mold and mildew. This can lead to health issues and pest infestation. Likewise, fascia boards are susceptible to rotting and warping if they're not checked frequently, and their stain or paint treatments renewed. Keeping a dated record of routine inspections made of the roof and other weather exposed areas of the premises is a good habit to follow. When a problem is found that indicates water damage or mold growth might have occurred, getting a professional involved to investigate, and address any damage, is advisable.

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