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Atlanta Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Copper Roofing

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Metal roofing has become a more popular roofing option among homeowners. Not only are they more energy efficient and can save homeowners some money on their cooling bills, but they are also easy to maintain. Some homeowners who are looking for a unique roofing option may consider copper roofing, which offers many of the same advantages as other types of metal roofs. Like all other roofing materials, however, copper roofing can have some disadvantages. Anyone who is seriously considering installing a copper roof should consult with their trusted Atlanta roofing contractor prior to making a decision.

Like other metal roofing options, copper is extremely durable. If the homeowner is willing to provide the proper maintenance, the roof could potentially last for 50 years or even longer. Copper roofing is also fire resistant, making this type of roof safer than wooden shingles or other highly sought after unique roofing materials. Additionally, copper roofing is less likely to grow mold or mildew and can resist hail damage. Because copper roofs are lightweight, it is more likely that this roof can be installed on a prebuilt home without potentially causing damage to the home's structure.

In addition to its durability and weight, copper roofing is extremely efficient. Copper reflects sunlight, meaning the inside of the home does not heat up to the same temperatures that it might with an asphalt roof.

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This means that the homeowner may spend less on his or her energy bills. Finally, copper roofs are attractive when installed on many homes. Installing a copper roof could increase the home's resale value and improve the home's overall curb appeal.

While the number of drawbacks to installing this type of roof are relatively few, they can be a major factor when a homeowner is deciding on a new roof. The main drawback is that this type of roof is much more expensive that asphalt shingles. Further, metal can expand and contract as the weather changes. While the homeowner may not notice this process actually occurring, it can cause the fasteners to come loose. If the issue is not fixed, the lifespan of the roof may be less than what is expected. As such, the homeowner should be ready to provide constant maintenance to avoid roof damage.

Although these few drawbacks can be a deal breaker for some, copper roofing may be the best choice for others. A professional roofing contractor can go over the pros and cons and help determine whether a copper roof is right for a home.

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